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Principal Consultant.

Thought Leader.

Problem Solver. SLPGURU.

Meet Me.

Landria Seals Green is a businesswoman. A clinician at heart, she believes that developing people is a primary strength of a business. Leadership development across the organization means seeing people as they are and supporting them as they grow. Landria has carries unforgettable communication clarity, confidence that gives her ease in any room, and a sense of humor that sparks comfort and understanding. She is a CEO’s shoulder and gives guidance across difficult landscapes of business. Landria has seen it and been through it as a business owner and director. She understands the stakes involved in growth. She is a trainer in areas of process improvement, diversity equity inclusion, and leadership. Innovation is at her fingertips so recruitment, staffing, have benefitted from connections and creativity. Landria takes life seriously and embraces an Enjoy Life philosophy.

Landria is now a consultant and actively working toward the completion of her Ph.D. She loves to rest, travel, cook and spend time with her husband and children.

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