Speaking Topics

My background allows me to speack across many topic areas including Organization-Corporate, Education, and Clinical.

I provide keynotes and trainings to audiences of varying sizes in corporate, community and national organizations.

Some topics are listed below. Please note that if you have heard me speak or were referred to me, the topics can be developed for your organization training and event.

Personal Story Keynotes and Motivational Topics

  • How I Built This. Building a School for Neurodiverse Children.
  • Raising a Family. Building a Career.
  • How We Don’t Fight the Bully. And other stories of building autonomy and communication in children
  • Why We Need Each Other. Lessons Post Covid We Need to Carry.
  • Making Room for Family. Creating Core Memories in a busy world.

Organization, Culture, Communication, and Accountability

  • Communication Equity
  • Accountability within and across teams
  • Wellness and Wellbeing at every level of leadership
  • Diversity Measures as a Key Performance Indicator

Organization Behavior Managment

  • Cultural Responsibiliy in Clinical Practices
  • Developing Feedback Systems that Make a Difference
  • Prioritizing Training in Clinical Leadership Roles: A Path Toward Eradicating Burnout
  • Process Improvement
  • Cultivating and Giving Schedules that Make Room for Innovation
  • Fast and Accurate: How Fluency Training can Support the Work Flow

Autism – Education-Clinical-Parenting

  • Creating a workplace that supports parents of neurodiverse learners
  • Using ABA to Develop Advanced Language Skills
  • Teaching Conversation Skills to Learners
  • Parent Coaching Models that Respect the Parent Relationship and Benefit Children
  • Ethics in Research
  • Ethics in Clinical Practices
  • Cultural Responsibility in Clinical Practices
  • Write Responsibly: Cultural Responsibility in Report Writing
  • Optimizing a Child’s Time in Clinical Practices. Shifting Our Approach to Data and Design
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