OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Paperless in ABA Therapy

IHUEIA0Y8TThe Paper-Scheduling Chase and HOW IT DOESN’T WORK

 You open your ABA, Speech, or OT Therapy Practice.  

You are happy.  

Your family is proud.

 You get a few clients.  

You are proud and happy.  

You start billing.

You get paid.  

You are very happy.  

You get more clients.  

You hire employees.  

You feel like a business owner.  

Then you get more clients…which means more paper.  More authorizations. More signatures.  You add services like ABA or Speech Therapy or OT.  You now want social groups.  Your staff is happy for the job security.  Your client’s are signing up.  And you have more paper.  You can’t keep up.  You are using program books and Excel to track ABA programs and it’s not keeping up and not very efficient.  

You chase employees down for signatures.  Employees break HIPAA even after training with leaving paper out and in their cars.  You don’t get the signatures you need at the timeline for billing and paying your expenses.  You are stressed.  Paperwork and Codes change.  You send out a memo.  Employees use old codes. You spend your weekends in the clinic fixing your employees coding errors and auditing paperwork for signatures.  Billing is late.  Payments are late.

 Employees are happy.  


The scheduler is putting people without authorizations on the treatment schedule.  You will never get paid for those services rendered.  You are losing money.  Your services are great but going down if you don’t get your hands in treatment…after all, you started to make a difference not enter a conundrum of billing, signatures, reports, and paperwork.  

Your processes suck and they are killing your quality of life as a business owner and hindering your business growth.  Finally….You add electronic system. You add a scheduling system.  You add a billing system.  You add a data collection system.  They work for a while…but don’t talk to each other.  Those systems don’t even meet the insurance requirements of getting signatures, note taking, and the scheduler is still scheduling visits for which you do not get paid.  You find yourself having the same conversations every time and are afraid to fire the scheduler and front desk staff because…they have all the information in their head and no one taught you about unemployment and those atrocities in SBA class and in graduate school.  

Your processes STILL SUCK and now you have technology that is not working for you.  Your Saturdays and late nights are still owned by the business…and you have convinced yourself that this is the cost of doing business and everyone goes through this.  Meanwhile…life is passing you by…your employees talk about their great weekends and you have been doing their work all weekend.  You write a memo. And the cycle continues…the happy service firestorm.

Can you relate?


This was me at different points and time.  

So when do things really get better?  It’s not a matter of when but HOW do things really get better.

Change systems.  Change culture. Change how we implement technology into our clinics and schools.  Our commitment at  TN Active Care is not just to get adoption of a system and add you to our numbers, but implementation of the system so that it works for your practice. And here is the real difference between TN Active Care and others aside from getting a “ME”:-)  (clinic director,entrepreneur, first hand understanding the leadership perspective).  Each client that works with us gets the environment created and custom to your clinic and school.  We ask questions..we listen to you and how you work, what you need especially and we custom our framework around you.  This is very much like what we do for our clients in ABA therapy and other treatments…what really works is not placing a program on a client and making it fit..but creating an program and client management system that actually works!

 This is about more than technology.  It’s about Efficiency, Productivity, Quality Assurance, and giving YOU your Saturdays and Evenings BACK (Quality of Life).


~Landria Seals Green, SLP GURU

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