Encourage Yourself

The Self-Care of Speaking Over Yourself

I have missed writing. And after a busier season and a series of events, I decided that if I am to be well … writing must be added back into my daily diet. For as much as I give, I have to take time to pour so that I continue to grow in spirit, knowledge, and strength. Understanding this about me is critical. And I wonder how many of us get into the practice of encouraging ourselves?

My father used to tell us to sit, think, and strategize. And because one generation should always be better than the next, I will add Sit, Think, Encourage Yourself, and Strategize.

No matter where you are professionally, the art of solitude, contemplation, and understanding where you are and next steps are critical for growth. Not just in times of turmoil or duress, but in spaces of rest.

This leadership plane is tricky no matter where you are. And yes, there is trickery involved. And for some personalities, we just don’t skip over slippery rocks; we actually talk about the elephants in the room. There are also times we choose to remain in silence. Regardless on where you land, there is a leadership element of ongoing encouragement or “speaking over yourself” that is foundational to the sustaining of an individual. It is that first relationship with self. That relationship is our job to fortify, to pour into. In the moments we find ourselves agitated (rightly so or not), we cannot depend on culture to fix it. And like Rome, the fixing will not happen in one day.

It is up to us to figure out how to support ourselves so that we remain well, in tact, and better for the experience. Better us…Better Them…Better Work environments beyond ourselves and our ‘right now’ experiences.

So for those glass breakers, stereotype bashers, dooropeners….I write this for us. Encouragement is fortifying. It is throwing away the proving to others that you belong. It is setting the Imposter Syndrome and all of its content ablaze. Encouragement is the daily vitamin, three times a day. And sometimes, you just need to double up.

If encouragement is the new self-care, let it be so.

I need it. You need it.

And remember this, the inward work of encouragement means you pat your self on the back. Sometimes it is silent. Sometimes it is loud. It does not depend on the success of your day. It is not based nor rooted in anything but the pure understanding that no matter what, you are simply outstanding. It is not about how you feel today nor how you are honored. It is about what you say about yourself and what you say to yourself.

So encourage you. All of you. No matter what.

Organizations are not built to encourage. And some people will seethe at the greatness of your presence. Don’t let that stop your greatness nor dim your light.

I write this today for myself. I write this for all of us.

Be well. And Be Great.

~Stay Empowered.


photo credit: Photo by KTMD ENTERTAINMENT on Unsplash
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