My Top Ten. How I Make Sure I Put Myself First Throughout the Year.

We all have many (different) responsibilities. Some of them are not sexy or glamorous. And some of them we ‘must do’. Last year, 2022 I realigned myself with some ‘me’ practices. I am sharing a few things that I have done and practiced. These are my top ten. Enjoy and I hope this empowers and helps you to start to think of yourself.

  1. Schedule your doctor’s visits. That’s right plan them out. Well-check visits are important for everyone all the time. Put them on your calendar and put in the time on your work calendar. Until I started Ph.D. school (smile), I kept and maintained all appointments for our kids. Last year, I gave it up and my husband is now the appointment person. Between moving, starting school, unpacking, and getting us settled (still); I realized that I had scheduled all appointments but my own. I rediscovered that I didn’t and could not do more.
  2. Schedule time off once a month at least…to do nothing around your home. Take advantage of those long weekends too.
  3. Speaking of personal holidays…do you have one? I am famous for announcing “ Landria day” and I do all things I like and love. Landria days have consisted of long tries to beach locations when I lived near beaches (still sad about this). And you know what, I encourage this for the people around me including children.
  4. Do you follow great restaurants or food bloggers in your area or a particular state? Make plans to visit that restaurant. Get it on the calendar.
  5. Set a cutoff time for work and start committing to it. This is really important during the times when you bring work home or when you are working from home. There was a time, I could pull an all-nighter. I.CANNOT.DO.THIS. anymore…nor do I want to. I don’t do anything past 7:30.
  6. Turn off notifications for work-related tasks, email, and social media. Ask yourself how connected do you want to be. How many notifications do you need?
  7. Speaking of connections, how are you connecting consistently with the people that matter most? What are their love languages? Do you know yours?
  8. Health is wealth. What does rest look like for you when you think of your schedule? Have you baked in time to just sit and relax
  9. Connect to mentors and people who will lift you. Make quarterly appointments to sit with people who will pour into your dreams and goals for yourself.
  10. Get what you need. There are sacrifices I make so that I can have some conveniences. While I am fortunate to have married someone who likes to do laundry (haha), being tired and pushing through doesn’t work. So, a babysitter to watch your kid(s) while you are home relaxing and napping should be a norm…and so should people to clean your home. These days, I schedule weekly massages 

Remember life is to be enjoyed not endured. (wise words from my father).

Happy 2023!

~Landria Seals Green

Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

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