Finding Your Path.


You can’t sell what you don’t believe in.

There I said it.

In all the lists going around about what you do for marketing.  Some things just don’t travel well on you and don’t reach your potential clients…they can sense it and smell it.  Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. You are uncomfortable selling your services and talking about yourself.
  2. You are trying to reach people in a way that doesn’t fit them culturally.
  3. You are not speaking in consumer language.

Therapists are therapists.  I was at a meeting with leadership of a major autism therapy organization and was told this.  In my head, I was slightly offended.  But, in later digesting this information…my takeaway is therapists think about therapy and speak in therapy terms; your potential customer does not.  So how are you really supposed to get more clients and referrals?  How are you really supposed to differentiate yourself even when there is a bigger grander competitor around the corner?

Look around you.  Look at what you buy.  Do you see it?  Walgreens and CVS are typically near each other.  Walmart and Target often share the same parking lot.  Kohl’s is next to Target.  Bank of America is across the street from Chase Bank.  Competition is inevitable and not going anywhere.  Competition is not about another person.  Competition is about you.  It is about how you see yourself in the race, how you stay in your purposed lane and finish your race.  Not looking right or left, but straight ahead.  Competition is about arming yourself with the best trainer, uniforms, coaches.  Competition is about staying in the race, resting, retooling.

It’s about You.  Your Mind. and Building your Business Muscle.

There are no magic pills to make the clients come.  There is no Build it and they will come.  There is the build it. Shout it out.  Put yourself in front of it.  Get your materials and talk about it and tell people what to do next.

It is about being operationally ready for the first call.  It is about creating policies and procedures that are the buffer and boundary.

December registration will open for the next Marketing course (two part) and Business Bootcamp.  Courses will begin in January.

I am also opening my coaching therapy doors to welcome five additional clients.   Want to know more?  Email me with the subject line “Count Me In”  at

Let’s Thrive!

~Landria Seals Green, MA., CCC-SLP, BCBA


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