rfufqjekzfy-olu-eletuAny great marketing tips?  What do yo think of this idea?  How can I market to schools?  How do I get the physician to refer to me rather than always sending referrals to other SLPs?

These well meaning questions are daily conversation threads on Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, and other social media sites.  And these are good questions…except that we are asking about things and tricks to capture attention of our prospects RATHER than discussing our understanding of our market.

Gift baskets, Pens, Trinkets, Stopping by with lunch are moments.  And your practice needs more than a moment.  It needs branding and consistency.  You know the kind you have Apple, Microsoft, Nike, Starbucks, and others.  They made you fall in love with them or not based upon relationship than began with visual branding (symbol) that spoke to your need…and every time you need it-want it, you get it.  These brands didn’t get you to connect with them by sending you a gift basket for free.  NO!  They told you they were excellent and you needed them…and then they backed it up.  When they fall short on customer service, you forgive them mostly because the greater need overrides the fallacy.  Don’t you want that for your practice, revenue, and business?  Well, let’s start doing some things differently in the new year.

I have for you a free Mindful Marketing download that gives

5 Marketing Tips Staring You In the Face.

In addition, registration will open in a few days for therapy practice owners (speech therapy, BCBAs, Occupational Therapists, Learning Specialists-Tutors) to receive  leveled Therapy Biz Coaching in Marketing, Process Improvement, HR Tips and Tools, as well as Aligning Passion to Profit through LIVE webinars, on demand course access, private group access, and more. This Therapy Biz Coaching will occur in a leveled way depending on how much or little you want in a packaged monthly fee starting at $70 per month.  Registration will open December 6th (Tuesday)

Let’s Thrive!

~Landria Seals Green, M.A., CCC-SLP, BCBA

@SLPGURU  #TherapyBizGuru

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