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I love being a woman.  And I KNOW we just do it better.

I am a mother.  Yesterday as I swept the kitchen floor, I reminded myself repeatedly “I am a clinical leader.  I am an influencer.  I do more than this”.  Clearly, I was having a “why did someone make this mess and why am I the person To clean it up” moment.  Instead of getting angry or frustrated or despondent…I reminded myself about who I am. I then said “I am a mother.  This is part of the influence”.

It’s an interesting perspective.

And today, as my son was rambling off facts about Sockeye Salmon, who eats it, the healthy protein, and how our family eats it; I gazed downstairs and saw paint on the couch understanding that a paint project traveled…I said “WE just do it better”.

Here are my top five of how women make the great leaders.  And because we do, making room for us in the clinical work place is absolutely necessary.

  1. Multi-tasking is ingrained.  I’m not talking multi-tasking where you do a million things at the same time not being present in any of them and looking discombobulated.  I’m talking about that keen gift of multi-tasking and maintaining being present in each task with poise.
  2. We are okay with the kicking and screaming as change happens.  This is important.  As an organization navigates a new process, technology, or staff leadership; change is not often well managed by people who did not dictate or order the change.  With this, children and the responsibilities of taking care of our parents and family members is preparation enough.  My daughter’s favorite word right now is No in it’s many many octaves…and regardless of the location, I am okay.  Why?  Because the #$#@ needs to get done.
  3.  We have the “push-through spirit” to a fault.  I love my husband and he is awesome.  I love my son and he is awesome.  But, when they get a cold/flu/earache the world needs to pause.  My daughter is teething and she is a force to be reckoned with, not out of pain, but the pure grit she had to get through without a tear.   I love a push-through spirit and I definitely want to gain the let-me-get-off-this-merry go round and Sit Down that my husband and son have.  It’s not about balance…it’s more about moment by moment self-care (and I know I need to practice this).
  4. We can have multiple conversations and track them all.  My toddlers are on two different language levels.  They know random fun facts, have random questions…some serious others not.  But require attention.  This is a gift I had no idea I would need in the workplace…the puling of many different conversations, many at random, and all with the need to have an answer.
  5.  I can look at  an observable mess and get to the root-cause fast.  Gut check (when I don’t ignore) it is one of my strongest innate skills.  And because time is fleeting,  my answer is geared towards the root-cause, not often the toys all over the floor. But , the how did we arrive at this mess?  Let’s address that…so the future likelihood of the mess happening is lessened.

Notice a pattern?

I certainly do.  The lives of women change regardless of our status in the motherhood conundrum.  The truth is, we take care of people…friends, family, parents, children and hold careers.  The awful truth is that the self-care is often masked with addictions to many things including exercise (and this is the commonly accepted one).  I, however, live in my own truth of sweet things….right now I am loving White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels at Trader Joe’s.

My point?  It can be many, if you are at my kitchen table.   But here is the major point.

  1. This skill of doing IT better, is developed when you allow all the experiences/circumstances/present moments  to pull you into Power (that you no longer hide), Teach youEmpower you to use your voice (in real time and in calculated fashion) and the Art of Silent Patience.
  2. Having It All is possible…just not everyday at the same time.  That will give you indigestion.  But you can have the parts of the whole at different instances AND…the all means you have a personal team…to help you be great 🙂

As I was handling my wonderful babies this morning with random conversations, messes I overlooked because it’s not my focus…I thought THIS has better prepared me to lead people…or leading people has better prepared me for THIS.

Whatever…both experiences are making me better (because I now let them).

Gotta go…the dog just peed on the couch.  Don’t worry…it’s just in time for the carpet-upholstery cleaning appointment in a few days :-).

***If you reuse or repurpose my wisdom, especially at a conference (clears throat), give me credit. Thank you.

Landria Seals Green, MA., CCC-SLP, BCBA



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