tim-mossholder-563296-unsplashBe Different.  Be You.

So many “Yes. I passed!” were posted on social media and then the job ads started.  Come Join Us!

And I did a mental eye roll.

Don’t get me wrong.  I get the need for staff.  Our team Momentum Therapy has a need for ABA staffing in Michigan and Georgia right now.  However, if everyone is shaking their cup with the same jingle, can your prospective employee see YOU.

They cannot.  Instead of putting your stakes in the bag of the advertisement, the free service, or posting on your Facebook page.  Start with your company profile and the profile of it’s leaders.

Let me be more specific.  When you are finding a special partner in life do you answer to all the suitors standing at your door with a the standard single red rose?  Maybe not, you are often attracted to the person who stands out by being either the  humongous red rose, the tiny red rose, or the yellow rose.   So think about your job postings in this scenario, are you the single standard red rose?

Now let me add this, the humongous rose, the tiny rose, and the yellow rose are not selling themselves.  They aren’t using snappy jingles, trying make you understand how awesome they are, working hard to make you see them.  They are solid in who they are: Enormous Company, Growth company, or Really different in a great way.  The attraction to them is not in the sell, it’s the fact that they have clarity in who they are and the connection-attraction is made because of this.

One last and final factor, dating is different these days.  And as such the recruiter dance should be different.  Think about it this way.  My parents met in college and married.  I expected the same thing and that didn’t happen for me.  Facebook is not the attraction spot…Instagram and Snapchat are the places to make the connections and BE SEEN.

Here are some additional things to ponder:

  1. Are you on LinkedIn (especially if you are looking to attract experienced leadership)?
  2. Are you using the same tools and questions to recruit ABA Technicians and BCBAs?
  3. Do you  wait too long to respond?
  4. Are you having people complete long applications?

In a world of  technology, fingertip information, and tools…the static ad just won’t do… even it’s free.

Get out there.  Get to know people.  Make Connections.  Be Different.




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